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Reliquary of St-Vincent of Zaragoza


For many years I had wanted to design some liturgical work involving cloisonné, so I was delighted when Father Andrey Kordochkin of the Russian Orthodox Church of St Mary Magdalene approached me to make a reliquary for St Vincent of…

Gilding Course to be Taught by Christabel Anderson

Miniature icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of the Sign, 2012-13 by Christabel Anderson,
demonstrating the use of various types of manuscript gilding on vellum with 24 carat gold leaf and the use of ‘shell’ gold paint with hand made watercolors, rubies, sapphires and pearls

Iconographer, manuscript illuminator, and OAJ contributor Christabel Anderson will be teaching a fully booked eight-week course on the ancient art of gilding at the Prince’s School for the Traditional Arts in London beginning February 6. As a follow-up to this course,…