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Making Art with an Axe

The Baptism of Christ. Carved by the author in linden, 12" x 16"

As we have just passed through the season of Theophany, I have been brought to ponder what Theophany means for art, especially liturgical art. The icon of Theophany offers much to reflect upon as we gaze at the elements it…

Improving Icon Carving Through Drawing

unfinished charcoal drawing of St-Mamas by the author, 22.5 x 28.25" based on a famous Georgian repoussé.

One of the complex questions that faces modern icon carving is the pervasive presence of the painted icon within the tradition of iconography.   For many reasons which I hope to write about in the future, icon carving became a somewhat…

The Altar and The Portico (pt.2): Gallery Art


THE SACRED AND THE SECULAR The Relationship of Orthodox Iconography and Gallery Art Part 2: Gallery Art (here for pt.1) The journey of an artist   At this stage in our story, by way of illustration I would like to…