Bold New Colors for Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco by Andrew Gould - Editor’s note: During 2015 and 2016, Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco embarked on a restoration and beautification project. Andrew Gould was hired to develop a new color scheme for the exterior, which had always been painted plain white. Situated in downtown San Francisco, the cathedral is probably the most highly visible Orthodox Church in ... Continue reading »

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Iconography of Ann Margitich A Surpassing Gentleness: An Interview with Iconographer Ann Margitich by Andrew Gould - It is my pleasure today to present the work of Matushka Ann Margitich, iconographer based in Santa Rosa, CA. Her work has a special place in my heart, my favorite among the many icon painters I am privileged to know. She paints the most kindly and gentle figures, with a delicate beauty of color and ... Continue reading »

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Sacred Choral Treasures of the Russian Emigration Premiered at the Moscow Conservatory Marking the Centenary of the Revolution: 1917–2017 by Vladimir Morosan - In late 2016, as the tragic centenary of the Russian revolutions was approaching, conversations began among musicians in Russia and the U. S. regarding an appropriately solemn and musically significant way to pay homage to the memory of those who had been affected by these events—in particular, composers, choirmasters, and church singers—both those who suffered ... Continue reading »

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Minor Arts

An American Shrine to Honor the Russian Royal Martyrs by Andrew Gould - It has been my particular honor to create a magnificent shrine and reliquary for the Russian Royal Martyrs. The shrine was commissioned by an American convert to Orthodoxy as a gift to the Hermitage of the Holy Cross, a Russian Orthodox monastery in West Virginia, USA. It was installed in time to commemorate the centenary ... Continue reading »

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Sacred Art in Secular Terms by Jonathan Pageau - Last year I was invited to speak at the Northwest Catholic Family Education Conference.  The event was going to be quite open to the public and was dealing with the notion of Truth, the truth seen in different walks of life.  I was asked to speak about the truth in art and discuss my own ... Continue reading »

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Release of Becoming Truly Human Film - Aspiration Studios Announces 2017 Premiere Date for Documentary BECOMING TRULY HUMAN Aspiration Studios has announced the newest title they will bring exclusively to churches and various non-theatrical venues late this summer. BECOMING TRULY HUMAN, the first feature film about America’s religiously unaffiliated, will be programmed in venues beginning August 22, 2017. BECOMING TRULY HUMAN is ... Continue reading »
Nicholas Kotar Publishes The Song of Sirin -   (Editor's note:  We are excited to announce that Nicholas Kotar, who has written a few great pieces for OAJ, has recently published his first novel.  Here is a version of his press release.) Orthodox Writer writes a fantasy novel inspired by Russian fairy tales and the Lives of the Saints. Discouraged by the lack ... Continue reading »

Artist Features

Towards a Great Pictorial Synthesis: Interview with Ioan Popa - The following is an interview with Romanian master iconographer Ioan Popa. He’s one of the leading representatives of the contemporary icon revival in Romania, focusing in both panel and monumental fresco painting. Our conversation touches on his artistic development, aspects of the professional training of iconographers in Romania and the challenge of creative engagement with the Tradition. We would like to express our gratitude to Fr. Dragos Giulea, rector of St. Benoît de Nursie Church, Montréal, QC, for his work as translator of this interview.     *** Fr. Silouan: First of all, thank you Ioan for giving OAJ the opportunity to interview you. The idea passed through my mind a while back but the language barrier prevented it. So I’m pleased we’ve found a way to get around it to make it happen. Let me begin by asking you about your training as an iconographer. Did you study painting prior to your involvement with iconography? Ioan Popa: I would like to thank you, too, for your interest and curiosity shown to an iconographer belonging to the Romanian sphere. My beginnings in the amazing world of the icon are due to the spiritual background in which I ... Continue reading »

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Orthodox Illustration Project

The purpose of this project is to make available online a collection of graphic illustrations of the highest quality. The collection will focus on iconographic drawings and related graphic ornaments stylistically suited to the illumination of printed Orthodox publications. The project will address the needs of Orthodox book designers, graphic artists, and many others, who desire excellent imagery for their publications.

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